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Interval Timer+ HIIT Training


It is an application that was upgraded was previously released the " interval timer HIIT Training and Fitness !”Upgrade item
①Up to 20, it can be freely set each timer"Setting item"・Timer icon・Timer title・Exercise time , break time , preparation time・Background color of time of each・Sound , voice
Timer that you set , you can make and or change the order freely respectively .Multiple timers are continuous playback in the order in which they were set .
②View a chart of the timers completedYou can each time and average number of rounds that timer completed of the day , to see charts and tables.While looking at the result of the training , let's level up!
③Renewal of each screen designWhen you sideways timer screen, to display increased timer time , and improved visibility .Font is using such as Helvetica, and design is also been improved.※font selection features of the previous version has been removed.

****************************Simple version is hereインターバルタイマー シンプルver
This app is an interval timer to be repeated by the time you are set, such as sports and study and training, practice and a break!
Are you studying or sports or training efficiently?It is said that the concentration of human can keeping generally 30 or 60 minutes. At the longest 90 minutes.Whenever your concentration is cut, your motivation is cut, and work efficiency will become more and more evil.How to recover the power of concentration, it is to take a break right out.Taking an appropriate interval by using this timer, let's increase efficiency for exercise or training or fitness and study!
Use・Strength training, Exercise, Fitness・Boxing, Wrestling, Judo・Study or work・Play games, etc.
Feature・Character is large, excellent visibility!・You can design to your liking by changing the background!・Timer sound can be set for each timer each!
The timer will continue to operate even when you turn off the screen with power button during the self-timer countdown.The 4.0 android version onward has been able to operation check.But the 2.0 android version does not work correctly.the 2.0 android version please use in the state in which to turn on the screen.※There is the terminal of 4.0 android version does not work depending on the circumstances.